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Azakhel Bala

Azakhel Bala (اضاخيل بالا )(Pashto: بر اضاخېل ) is situated a Kilometer away from GT road Peshawar. Azakhel Bala is a very famous village of District Nowshera (Pashto: نوښار ) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (خيبر پښتونخوا). Azakhel Bala have one union council. SAJID IQBAL DAUDZAI ADVOCATE, is the current Nazim (Mayor) of Union council Azakhel Bala. According to a recent survey azakhel bala have a Total population of about 21000, Where as about 7000 voters are registered. Azakhel Bala is linked to a main GT ROAD PESHAWER by 03 means (Routes) Grand Trunk Road. Azakhel Bala Have a verity of tribes (family names) for instance Daudzai (Pashto: داوودزي ), Akhundzadgan (Pashto: اخوندزادګان), Alokhel (Pashto: اوخېل), manduryan(Pashto: دراني)),Mohammad khel (Pashto: محمد خېل), Toor khel (Pashto: تور خېل), Miagan (Pashto: میاګان), Bandi wall (Pashto: باندي وال), Daman khel (Pashto: دامان خېل)Also Known As (KHANAN)And Modern PPL In Azakhel Bala, Therkanan (Pashto: ترکاڼان), Shahi awan (Pashto: شاهي اعوان) and Kolalan (Pashto: کلالان). Azakhel Bala has famous mohallas like is Mohalla Adda (Pashto: د ادا کلی یا محله), Mohalla Tuheed Abad (Pashto: د توحید اباد کلی یا محله), Mohalla Werharhi (Pashto: ورهاړي کلی یا محله), Mohalla Razghai (Pashto: د رزغی کلی یا محله), Mohalla Jafar (Pashto: د حعفر کلی یا محله), Mohalla Khwarh (Pashto: د خاور یا خاورو کلی یا محله), Mohalla High School (Pashto: د لېسې یا لوړ ښوونځي کلی), Mohalla Mattai (Pashto: د متي کلی ), Mohalla miara (Pashto: د میرا کلی), Mohalla Kooz (Pashto: کوز کلی) and Mohalla Shaga (Pashto: د شګو یا شګه کلی یا محله)).

  • Govt High School Azakhel Bala for boys.
  • Govt Middle School Azakhel Bala for boys.
  • Three Govt Primary School for boys.
  • Govt High School Azakhel Bala for Girls.
  • Govt Middle School Azakhel Bala for Girls.
  • Two Govt Primary school for Girls.
  • Islamia Public School
  • There is Darul ulom Islamia Azakhel Bala (Pashto: د بر اضاخېل اسلامي دارالعلوم) which has separate sections for Boys and Girls and is registered with Wifaq ul Madarres (وفاق المدارس).
  • Hazrat Syed Nisar Ullah Bacha Sahib (مهتميم دارالعلوم اسلاميه اضاخيل بالا ) Muhtamim Darul ulom Islamia Azakhel Bala.
  • Hazrat Syed Rahim Ullah Bacha Sahib, Great religious and Spiritual Personality, brother of Hazrat Nisar Ullah Bacha (مهتميم دارالعلوم اسلاميه اضاخيل بالا), Muhtamim Darul ulomia Azakhel Bala.
  • Syed Anwar Ullah Niab Muhtamim DUI Aza khel bala.
  • Late Syed Rahat Zakheli (Pushto poeter.writer,drama).
  • Sajid Iqbal Daudzai Advocate (Mayor/Nazim Union Council Aza khel Bala).
  • Haji Aziz ur Rehman (Naib Nazim Union Council Aza khel Bala).
  • Late Dauod Khan Ex District member Pesh;(1979-1983).
  • Shah Alam Khan Ex Nazim Union Council Aza khel Bala (2001=2005).
  • Said Zaman Shah Ex Naib Nazim Union Council Aza khel Bala (2001-2005).
  • Retd Maj; General Late Shuja ul Qamer Signal Pakistan Army,
  • Retd Major General Fazli Elah and Ex DG EME Pakistan Army.
  • Late Haji Abdul Qudoos Khan (LandLord)
  • Ifthar khan DIG Police,
  • Jehanghir Khan (Manager Of MCB)
  • Colonel Ser Zameen pak army.
  • Dr Abdul Wajid Khan Daudzai (surgon ortho,MPH belgium)
  • Ajmal shah Advocate.
  • Riaz Ali Khan Daudzai Advocate.
  • Atta Ullah Jan Advocate.
  • Astaghfir Ullah Advocate (Gen.Stry pesh; High Court Bar).
  • Retd English Professor Syed Zia Ul Qamar from Edward pesh;
  • Astt; Professor Fayyaz Ali Khan Daudzai Geology deptt; university of pesh;.
  • Hafiz Ishfaq Ali khan Daudzai Lecturer islamia college pesh;
  • Mufti Imtiaz Ali Daudzi,


The majority of population of Azakhel Bala is engaged with agriculture. It has very fertile land, which grows multiple types of vegetables. The famous crop of Azakhel Bala is potato. However, sugar cane, wheat, corn, tomato, cucumber and numerous other vegetables are grown in this village. The bulk of the land is watered by two canals, which are running through upper and lower part of the village. There are farmers, who have excavated their own wells for the purpose of irrigating their agricultural lands.


Azakhel Bala is very famous for its sports, especially volleyball and cricket. Over the years, Azakhel Bala has produced great talent in volleyball, who served Volley Ball on national and international level. These players have been instrumental in boosting up the passion for the game in the youngsters of the village. Famous volley ball players of the village are: Tariq Kan Captain, Pakistan Ordinance Factory and Pakistan colour, Muneeb Ullah (Pak Wapada, Pakistan colour), Farooq Khan( Pak Wapada, Pakistan best spikier) Farooq Khan also play for pakistan in last three year and represent pakistan in many Countries. Zafer Iqbal c/o Gudo, ,Haleem ullah, Subkhan shah shaheed, Hanif Khan, Ishfaq khan, Abdul Rehman nick named Madro (مدرو). Azakhel Bala's volley ball is represented at national and regional level by the club named Guddu Volley Ball Club, Azakhel Bala(گدو والى بالى ڭلب اضاخيل بالإ). Guddu volleyball club is famous in Pakistan for its sports spirit and it has won many big events (trophies) in various parts of the country. Guddu volleyball club organizes All Pakistan subkhan shah shaheed memorial volley ball tournament every year with the support of public of Azakhel Bala.
In cricket, this village has produced talented players who have performed well at regional and national level.In athletics, 

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